Needlepoint Dictionary of Stitches

New Book for Kindle Fire

Now available, for Kindle Fire, is a needlepoint and canvas embroidery book that offers 250 stitches in a convenient Kindle form. This book is easy to use and simple to carry with you anywhere you enjoy stitching.


Each stitch is accompanied with a full color picture and clear diagram. The book also includes and explanation of: canvas, threads, needles, scissors, frames and stands, threaders and laying tools.


To see a YouTube video on Needlepoint Dictionary of Stiches, please click VIDEO.


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New!  This Kindle book is about two best friends, Suzi and her cat, Three Ply.

Three Ply loves yarn. Suzi does not want the yarn to become dirty so she locks it in the closet. When she is away, the cat will play. Find out what is happening when Suzi leaves the house.

Book has 22 pages and is easy to read.



One person wrote, "This book has a very unique style that I just can't place; I'm thinking photographs of a clay cat placed in a doll house, but I can't prove it. Regardless, it is one that I, even as an adult, enjoyed. I wish my monsters would do what this one does! LOL,"



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Master Craftsman Step 6, EGA

Welcome to my world of needlepoint!  This art form can be called canvas embroidery, needle point, tapestry work or canvas work embroidery.  If you remember that canvas fabric is stiff material, your mind now opens up to its many possibilities. 


Here, you will learn how to needlepoint.  I will teach you how to create many stitches, how to make your painted canvas come alive and how to applique one canvas onto another.   


Years ago, women would purchase a canvas with a pre-stitched floral motif in the center and tapestry yarn.   She would go home and fill in the background with Continental or Basketweave stitches.  Someone would make it into a pillow for her.  Yesterday’s yarn shops offered Persian and tapestry wools.  Today, our shops are filled with overdyed cottons, leathers, chainettes and sparkling synthetics.  Our grandmothers have never heard of threads made from bamboo, soybeans and corn!


My goal is to teach needlepoint from A to Z.  Included in this website, we will have a discussion of materials, lots of stitches and a wide range of techniques. 


The beginner will learn the basics of needlepoint.  We will explain how to transfer a design onto canvas.  What are threads, needles and how to make stitches.  For the intermediate stitcher, compensation, padding and stitch texture will be talked about.  


For the advanced needlepointers, an array of subjects such as one canvas placed upon another, 3D effects and placement of “found” objects will be taught.


I hope you enjoy the site as much as I will have in creating it for you.


Remember to take time to stitch!