More Stitches

Please feel free to down load as many stitches as you would like.  Be sure to let me know if there is a stitch you would like to see.  Contact Susan


Clothes, Foliage, Backgrounds

Squared Daisies

Foliage, Clothes, Fields, Backgrounds

Walneto Stitched Wrong!

Isolated stitch


Animals (one color), Clothes, Foliage, Birds, Buildings (siding and boards), Backgrounds


Isolated, Buildings, Fooliage, Clothes, Fields

Paul and Lin


Double Variation

Clothes, Fields (turn graph 90 degrees), Borders (one or two columns)

Ginger Jars

Clothes, Foliage


Samplers, Backgrounds, Large areas, Has lots of texture

Sturgeon Trail

Fields, Foliage, Clothing


Clothing, Borders (one or two rows), Backgrounds, Buildings


Clothes, Good for all areas if one color

Tied Gobelin

Borders (one row), Clothes, Foliage, Buildings

Six Sided Eye

Isolated stitch, Grouped together:  Backgrounds, Fields

Cross Plus Two

Foliage, Fields, Clothing if large area

Part Eyelet With Cross

Clothes (Large areas), Samplers

Double Leviathan

Foliage, Clothes, Buildings (accent areas), Borders

Triple Cross

Buildings, Clothes, Borders (one or two rows)


Foliage, Buildings (graph turned 90 degrees), Hair, Animals, Clothing

Brick Cashmere

Buildings, Walkways, Clothes, Backgrounds

Alternating Flat

Clothes, Buildings, Borders (one or more rows), Foliage, Backgrounds


Buildings, Walkways, Clothes, Foliage, Backgrounds, Sky, Rolling Fields

Bucky's Weaving

Buildings, Clothes, Backgrounds (caution, weaving will snag)


Definition of Tent stitch


Hair, Foliage, Flower Centers, Pom Poms, Animals, 3D Itmes

Double Knot

Rocks, Hair, Foliage, Borders, Animals

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