Large Cross

As you learn how to needlepoint, you will also want more stitches.  Thousands of stitches have been created for the canvas.   Some stitches will become favorites, while others will be best forgotten.  Many are very useful for many different projects, while others are good for embellishing purses, guitar straps or other items where you want only one stitch.  The Eugene stitch is great example of this.  When first created many years ago, it was used as a belt. However, as of late, Eugene has been used on a multitude of stitched projects.


Experiment and make changes to create variation on your own.  Use different threads, fibers and textures to explore the possibilities. 


Each week, a new stitch will be added.  Some will be new to the needlepoint world and others will be classics.  You are free to down load as many as you wish.  All I ask is for you to have fun and do not use the graphs for commercial use.


Happy Stitching!

The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen is an excellent stitch guide.  Her illustrations are clear and easy to read.  This book is wonderful for beginner stitchers.  It is highly recommended.

The Stitches

Click on the picture of the stitch you would like to view.  You will then find another photo and graph on how to work each one.


To help aid you in stitch placement on your projects, some ideas suitable for each are listed on the right of the picture. These are only some suggestions. You will find more information on the stitch page.


Remember, more are to come!



Good for all areas


Good for all areas

Half Cross

Good for all areas. 

Not suitable for upholstery; low durability




Clothes, Borders, Rolling Hills

Algerian Eye Over Lapping Filling

Borders, Foliage, Clothes

Barred Beetle

Foliage, Backgrounds (be careful with contrasting color combination)

Belgium Cross

Borders, Backgrounds

1X1 Spaced Trame`

Clothes, Buildings, Rolling Hills, Backgrounds

Algerian Eye Variation

Isoloated stitch or groupings



Corn Field

Fields, Border (as one or more rows)

Cross & Smyrna Checker

Foliage, Clothing, Fruit in a tree


Backgrounds, Clothes

Double Cross

Isolated stitch

Small Rhodes

Isolated stitch or grouping, Foliage, Border (one or more rows)

Dragon Hide

Backgrounds (be careful with contrasting color combination), Rolling Hills


Clothes, Foliage, Roofs on Buildings


Good for all areas


Buildings, Clothes, Foliage, Borders (one or more rows), Backgrounds

Combination Cross

Clothes, Foliage, Buildings (walls, bricks), Backgrounds


Clothes, Rolling Hills

French Knots

Hair, Animals, Foliage, Clothes, Birds, Borders

Has lots of texture

Chottie's Plaid

Clothes, Backgrounds, Wearable Items such as cuffs & collars, As a complete project such as pillow top, lamp shade or other decorative item.


Large areas, Samplers


Foliage, Borders, Backgrounds


Foliage, Birds, Backgrounds, Clothes

Flat Pattern

Buildings, Walkways, Clothes, Backgrounds


Borders, Samplers

Small Grounding

Foliage, Clothes, Borders, Backgrounds, Rolling Hills,

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