Pearl Cotton

Needlepoint usually requires many hours of work on a single piece.  For this reason, the needle artist wants to work with a thread which will work best with the motif.


We have a large variety of threads available to us on the market.  Overdyed cottons, silk/wool blends, metals and synthetics are just some of the threads we have today.  In the future months, I will continue to discuss different threads, uses, coverage and different companies.  This will be a continuous endeavor to explain as much as I can. 


The Yarns & Thread page will have more links.  This is the page where you will find different threads such as overdyed embroidery and pearl, different Krienik threads, blending threads and other fun "toys."


Yarn and thread companies come and go. It isn’t possible to name all the threads on the market today. If you would like to see a thread, please contact me at


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