How to Use Laying Tools

To make ribbon, rayon, cotton, fancy and other threads lie flat on the canvas, you need a tool to keep the thread from twisting as you stitch it. A long, flat laying tool does the job very nicely. On the right, a few different laying tools are pictured.   From the top to bottom, you will see a Trolley Needle, wooden knitting needle, antique laying tool, Tekibari and Best Laying Tool.

To use, hold your laying tool in your non-dominant or non-stitching hand. Stitch with your other hand. Bring the needle up out of the desired hole. Hold the thread with the laying tool and while holding, place the needle back into the hole you will want to complete the stitch.


You will now pull the thread through. As the thread is traveling under the canvas, stroke the loop in the direction of the thread. You will stroke, stroke as the stitch is being worked.


Sometimes when you stitch, the thread will twist making the length of thread coil. To fix this problem, twirl the needle in between your thumb and index finger in the opposite direction of the twist. The thread should now lay flat on the canvas.