Which Needle to Use for the Job

Top to Bottom: 2 Flour Sack Needles, Long Darner, Weaving Needle, 2 Eyed Needle, 2 Leather Needles, Curved Tip. Left: Curved Needles. Bottom Surgeon's Needle

Ever since I can remember, I have been facinated with needles.  My mother had a large collection which she used in her everyday sewing.  As the years passed by, I became a collector of different types, sizes and brand names.  Pictured on the side, are just some of the needles in my collection. 


Today, most of us have a collection in our sewing baskets.  Chenille, Darners, Embroidery/Crewel, Milliners/Straw, Sharps and Betweens are most common.  For the specialist, you may find Tapestry, Darners, Long Darners, Carpet, Beading and Ball Point needles.  


The flowing subjects will help you understand needles.


    Needles for the Canvas

    Needle Sizes

    How to Thread a Needle

    Where to Park a Needle