How to Thread a Needle

Before the needle passes through the canvas, fuzzy or bulky thread must be threaded into it.  To accomplish this, licking the end of the thread and aiming into the needle hole will never work.  The method below is fast and easy once you get the knack of it.  You will need thread approximately 18 inches long.


With the yarn in your left hand, if right handed, and the needle in the right, wrap the yarn once around the eye of the needle.



Hold the crease with your thumb and index finger.  


Now, remove the needle from the crease while still holding the yarn tightly.  The needle eye will slide between the thumb and index to insert the yarn through the eye. 

Continue sliding until the crease is through.  When threading, there are two rules to remember which are, first do not look at the crease once it has been established.  Second, when you are sliding the yarn through the eye, the needle itself is moving and not the yarn.


Also, see Grain of Thread/Yarn on Tips & Techniques page.

If you are still having trouble threading the needle, turn the needle over to insert the thread in the opposite direction.