Needle Sizes

Tapestry needles come in different sizes.  The larger the number, the smaller the size will be.  Also on the market are curved and double pointed needles.





Canvas     Needle
3-5     13
7-8     14-16
10     18-20
12-14     20-22
16-20     22-24
22-24     24-26
26-28     28
7 Plastic     16
14 Plastic     24-26

You may ask: How do I store my needles when not in use?

Avoid the habit of throwing your needles in a drawer for later use.  All needles should be stored in a container which will protect them from moisture.  If you still have the black paper which they came in, place them back onto the paper.  Available on the market are plastic boxes with magnets on the underside.  These can be placed on your stretcher bars when stitching.


For a fun project, stitch a needle book with wool felt pages.  Insert many pages to keep all your different needles together.