This is the area where kids can raid the sewing room and create fun crafts using yarns, threads and other exciting finds.  Click on the picture for full instructions.

More to follow.


Octopus is made of knitting yarn, Google eyes, and cardboard.  Easy to do.

Yarn Doll #1

Doll is made of yarn, felt, buttons, styrofome ball and cardboard.  Simple for young children.

Yarn Doll #2

Doll is created with yarn.  May be decorated with eyes, embroidery floss, buttons and other items.  This project has been used with Girl Scouts, libraries and fairs teaching kids ages 5 and up.  Kids really enjoy this project.

String Balloons

String Balloons are made with crochet floss, balloons and liquid starch.  This is a fun project which will be messy.  Kids love them!

String Hand

String hand is created with crochet floss, latex glove and liquid starch.  Like the balloons, this is messy.  To wrap the glove may be difficult for smaller children.

String Flower

String Flowers are made with balloons, crochet floss and liquid starch.  This makes a creative, rainy day project which kids love to do.