String Hands

String Hands are made with crochet floss, latex glove, liquid starch and lots of petroleum jelly.  This craft may be hard for young children to wrap the glove with crochet string. 


The picture shows a peace sign but you can use several gloves and spell out your name using American Sign Language alphabet. 


You may wish to read String Balloons before starting this project.






To make the hand, you will need:

  Latex Gloves

  Petroleum Jelly

  Crochet Floss



  Liquid Starch

  Pop cycle stick



  Wire cutters

1.  Blow up glove the size you want your hand to be.


2.  Twist the opening so that the air will not escape.  Twist a piece of wire around the twisted area.


3.  Rub petroleum jelly all over the glove with your fingers.  Note:  It is important to use LOTS of grease.  The string will be too difficult to remove from the glove if not greased enough.


4.  Pour starch in a bow.


5.  Place lots of crochet floss in the starch and push the string down using a stick.  Do not stir.  The string will get tangled and you will need to start all over again.


6.  Wrap the glove with wet floss.  You want the string to go in all directions.  Be sure to cover the glove but leave lots of holes.


7.  If you want to add glitter, sprinkle on wet string.


8.  Shape glove as desired.

9.  After it is completely dry, cut the wire and let the air out of the glove.  CAREFULLY remove the glove from the string.


You can use many gloves and spell your name with ASL alphabet.  Try making lots of hands and hang them from your ceiling.