Braided Yarn Doll

You need:



  Cardboard 14” and 10” long

  Styrofoam ball

  Google Eyes


  Red felt

  1 or 2 Buttons



The Doll

Please remember, young children can choke on google eyes and other small parts.

1.  Wrap yarn around cardboard 60 times.  Cut yarn from ball. 

2.  At one end, place a long piece of yarn under bundle and tie tightly.  Remove from cardboard.

3.  Cut the other end with a pair of scissors.

4.  Place tied end of yarn on top of styrofoam ball.  You may wish to use a small yarn ball.  (The picture shows a brown ball for illustration.   Use the same color as the doll.)

5.  Straighten the yarn on the ball and tie the bundle under the other side of ball.

6.  Wrap more yarn around cardboard about 21 times.  Cut yarn from ball. 


At one end, place a long piece of yarn under bundle and tie tightly.  (This will help you in the next step.)

7.  Cut the other end of the yarn from the cardboard.  Divide the yarn into 3 groups and braid.  Tie each end of the braid to the desired length of arms you want. 

8.  Divide the yarn in half.  Place the braid in the chest area.  Tie a piece of yarn under the arms for a waist.

9.  Trim the bottom of the skirt.  OR, if you want, you can divide the yarn into 2 bundles.  Braid each group for legs.


At this point, the doll can be a boy doll.  Glue on eyes and smile.


For a girl, make the felt skirt and hair.

10.  For girl doll, make a long braid for the hair.  Glue on the top of head.  Glue on eyes and felt for face.


1.  Draw a circle on paper to measure 6" in diameter.  Draw another circle 3/4" diameter in the middle of the first one.  Mark a line from the center out. 

Here, you see the cut out pattern.  Notice the cut slit for opening. 

2.  Place the paper pattern on the flet and cut out.  You will have a large donut shaped felt with a long cut.


Cut a small slit in the upper area the size for a buttonhole.

3.  Sew on the button on the other side of the skirt.  Place on doll.  (The felt was placed off centered for interest in the photograph.  Also 2 buttons were used.)