Simple Projects For Needlepoint

The projects on this page are for your stitching pleasure.  I ask you to please do not use my graphs for reprint without prior written permission.  To open a project, please click on the picture.  Have fun!

Eye Patch

Eye Patch worked in needlepoint using Chottie's Plaid.  The patch will make a unique gift for a special person.  You can stitch this in a day with only a few materials.

Doll House Pillow #1

This pillow is scaled 1/12 for standard doll houses.  Worked on petit point canvas and uses standard embroidery floss.  Quick and easy to work.

Doll House Pillow #2

A quick pillow for any doll house.  The scale is 1/12.  Bargello doll pillow uses petit point canvas and standard embroidery floss.

Doll House Sampler

This is not true to scale.  Sampler was worked on 20/1 canvas.  If you wish, the sampler can be stitched on 40/1.  You will need to determine the correct strand in the needle if a smaller version is desired.

Scissor's Charm or Pin Cushion

This quick project can be either a scissor's charm or pin cushion.  You may wish to combine the two by stuffing the pillow with walnut shells.

Tool Pad

As you are stitching, crafting or working with other tools, the noise from tools sitting on the table can make your ears tired.  Clink, clink, clink from scissors can be eliminated by using a tool pad.  This is a way to reuse old mouse pads with scrap threads you have in your stash.

Party Mask

This project can be worked in a couple of days.  The mask uses unique stitches that were created in the late 1990's.  This uses wool and metal threads, beads and feathers which are mounted on a wooden stick.

Grand Square

This project consist of 6 different stitches.  They are Slanted Gobelin, Eugene, Web, Slashed Cross, Rhodes and Smyrna Cross.  You will use Watercolours, Kreinik, pearl cotton and embroidery floss.  Grand Square project is a great way to introduce yourself to simple counting.