Eye Patch in Needlepoint


  1 Skein dark green embroidery floss

  1 Skein light green embroidery floss

  7" X 7" 20/1 canvas

  Tapestry needle

  Green bias tape

  18" One quarter elastic

  Green sewing thread

  Sewing needle

  White glue

Template for Patch

1.  Draw the patch template on the canvas as shown in diagram.  The template should measure 3 3/8" as indicated in picture.

2.  With 4 strands in the needle, stitch Chottie's Plaid.  Please notice the void area on the patch.  Do not stitch in this area.

3.  Block if necessary.

4.  Run a bead of glue along the edges of stitching.  Let dry.

5.  Cut needlepoint out leaving 1/8" exposed canvas salvage.  Do not cut into the void area.

6.  Crease your canvas along fold markings making accordion folds.  All void canvas should be hidden.

7.  Place elastic on eye patch.  Ends should match up with raw edges of canvas.  Tack in place.

8.  Pin elastic onto canvas as indicated.  Tack in place with sewing thread.

9.  With needle and thread, sew bias tape around the raw edges.

Start at the right of the canvas and run your needle up and down as indicated on the left side of the graph.  When you finish your row, go to the next one and follow the numbers.  When worked correctly, both sides of the canvas should look the same. 



Note:  To create the hound's tooth design, work 2 rows of light green and then 2 rows of dark green.