Doll House Petit Point Sampler

You will need:

  8" X 8: Canvas (20/1)

  2 Skeins #907 DMC embroidery floss

  1 Skein #915 DMC embroidery floss

  1 Skein #839 DMC embroidery floss

  1 Skein #743 DMC embroidery floss

  1 Skein #702 DMC embroidery floss

  #24 Tapestry needle

  8" X8" stretcher bars



  Sewing needle

  Sewing thread

  Masking tape

Please note:  You will be using 4 strands of embroidery floss in the needle unless otherwise instructed.


1.  Bind all edges of the canvas with masking tape.

2.  Mount canvas on stretcher bars using thumbtacks.

3.  Following the graph above, use Continental stitch "Home Sweet Home" in brown floss.

4.  Stitch yellow zigzags around the sampler.  Again, use Continental stitch.

5.  Fill in void areas in with green using Continental.  You will make three rows of stitches past the zigzag lines on all four sides.

6.  As indicated in the graph, make French Knots where you see dots.  Two strands of plum colored floss is used.

7.  Using Couching stitch, make the heart in two strands embroidery floss.

8.  Again, with plum, make small Cross stitches along the bottom of the sampler using two strands in your needle.

9.  Detached Chain in one strand will make the leaves.  Use green floss.

10.  Remove the canvas from the bars.

11.  Block if required.

12.  Trim excess canvas leaving 1/2" bare canvas around the sampler.

13.  On a flat surface, turn the raw canvas to the underside.  Pound the crease with a hammer to flatten.  Be sure not to leave bare canvas threads showing on the right side of the sampler.  Pin canvas in place.

14.  With sewing thread and needle, stitch bar canvas to the underside of the sampler.

16.  With 6 strands embroidery floss, make a hanger by attaching the floss at the two upper corners.