French Knot Stitch

AKA:   French Dot

Getting Harder

Uses:  Hair, Animals, Foliage, Clothes, Birds, Borders

            Has lots of texture

To make a hard-wearing French Knot, bring the needle up to the top of the canvas. (Step 1)  While holding the thread, tuck the needle under.  (Step 2)  Swing the needle around.  (Step 3) Your needle should be straight up and the thread should twist once around the needle.  Hold the thread on the needle with your left hand and insert the needle through the canvas into the next available hole.  Pull throuh to complete the knot. 


This is a great stitch for hair, flowers, leaves on a tree or other areas needing texture.

You may ask: My French Knots become untied. Do you have any help?

You are probably making knots which are wrapped three times and flop around on the canvas.  French knots should be wrapped once on the needle.  If you wish for a larger knot, use more strands in the needle or thicker thread.  A knot made with pearl #5 will be smaller than pearl #3.