C Needlepoint Stitches

Carla B.

Click on the picture of the stitch you would like to view.  You will then find another photo and graph on how to work each one.


To help aid you in stitch placement on your projects, some ideas suitable for each are listed on the right of the picture. These are only some suggestions. You will find more information on the stitch page.

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Carl    Uses:  Clouds, Clothes, Mountains, Fields

Carla B.

Carla B.    Uses:  Large backgrounds, Samplers


Cashmere   Uses:  most areas

Cashmere Checker

Cashmere Checker   Uses:  All purpose, Clothes, Fields, Small areas


Chain    Outlines, Stems, Hair, Foliage, Animals, Borders, Clothes

Chain Couching

Chain Couching    Outlines, Stems, Hair, Foliage, Animals, Borders, Clothes

Chain Filling

Chain Filling    Hair, Foliage, Animals, Birds, Clothes, Mountains, Fields


Check    Uses:  Stars, Accent, Samplers


Checkerboard  Samplers

Chop Sticks

Chop Sticks   Uses:  Fields, Clothers, Hair, Foliage, Rice

Chottie's Plaid

Chottie's Plaid  Clothes, Backgrounds, Wearable Items such as cuffs

                        & collars

                        As a complete project such as pillow top, lamp shade

                        or other decoratve item

Combination Cross

Combination Cross     Clothes, Foliage, Buildings (walls, bricks), Backgrounds


Continental  All purpose stitch

Corn Field

Corn Field    Fields, Border (as one or more rows)


Couching   Clothes, Hair, Foliage, Animals, Birds, Buildings, Borders, Details, Mountains


Cretan  Foliage, Details

Criss Cross

Criss Cross   Uses:  Samplers, Broders, Foliage


Cross   All purpose

Cross and Smyrna Checker

Cross and Smyrna Checker   Foliage, Clothes

Cross Corners III

Cross Corners III   Uses:  Clothes, Fields, Samplers, Foliage

Cross Cushion

Cross Cushion   Uses:  Borders, Samplers, Isolated

Cross Plus Two

Cross Plus Two   Fields, Foliage

Cross Stitch Trame~

Cross Stitch Trame`  Counted cross, Trame` adds padding and durability

Cross Tied Gobelin

Cross Tied Gobelin    Uses:  Stripes, Fields, Samplers, Borders


Cushion   Buildings, Borders, Clothes, Backgrounds

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