Corn Field Stitch

Getting Harder

Uses:  Fields, Border (as one or more rows)

Create 4 large stitches traveling over 6 canvas threads.  (Blue stitches)  Tie the bundle with a small horizontal stitch using the same thread.  (Black stitches in graph)  Skip a canvas thread and repeat this process.  Continue until you have reached the end of the row. 


With another thread or color, stitch over 4 canvas threads creating 2 stitches.  (Yellow stitches)  Again, tie them with the same thread using a small horizontal stitch.  (Black stitches in graph)  Last, make small crosses in the void areas.  (Gray stitches) 


If you use a different thread or color for the ties, you will create horizontal lines on the canvas.


Play with this stitch using different threads and colors.  The possiblilites are endless.