T Needlepoint Stitches


Click on the picture you would like to view.  You will then find another photo and graph on how to work that stitch.


To help aid you in stitch placement on your projects, some ideas suitable for each are listed on the right of the picture. These are only some suggestions. You will find more information on the stitch page.

To print a page, click on the print button at the bottom of the page.  You should get a clean and clear copy.  Feel to down load all the stitches you wish.


Tent   Definition of Tent is explained

Tied Gobelin

Tied Gobelin     Borders, Clothes, Foliage, Buildings

Triple Cross

Triple Cross    Foliage, Buildings, Clothes, Borders (one or more rows)


Turkey    Hair, Foliage, Birds, Animals, Fuzzy things

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