D Needlepoint Stitches

Click on the picture you would like to view.  You will then find another photo and graph on how to work each one.


To help aid you in stitch placement on your projects, some ideas suitable for each are listed on the rich picture.  These are only some suggestions.  You will find more information on the stitch page.

Click on the picture of the stitch you would like to view.  You will then find another photo and graph on how to work each one.

To print a page, click on the print button at the bottom of the page.  You should get a clean and clear copy.  Feel to down load all the stitches you wish.


Darning   Walls, Sidewalks, Curtains, Very flat areas on canvas


David   Backgrounds, Samplers, Large areas

Detached Chain

Detached Chain  Foliage, Animals, Birds, Isolated, Details

Diagonal Cashmere

Diagonal Cashmere     Bricks, Walkways, Buildings, Clothes

Diagonal Hungarian Ground

Diagonal Hungarian Ground  Backgrounds, Fields, Buildings (one color)

Diagonal Knit

Diagonal Knit   Blankets, Meadow, Smaller areas on canvas

Diagonal Leaf

Diagonal Leaf     Foliage, Feathers, Accents, Samplers

Diagonal Shell

Diagonal Shell   Fields, Samplers

Diagonal Wheat

Diagonal Wheat     Samplers, Clothes

Diamond Eye

Diamond Eye    Isolated, Stars in dky, Flowers, Pin Wheels

Divided Scotch

Divided Scotch   Anywhere you would like to place Scotch but would like more texture


Double     Fields, Trees, Grassy areas

Double Cross I

Double Cross I    Isolated stitch, Samplers

Double Cross II

Double Cross II    Bodice on dress, Bold Backgrounds, Samplers

Double Crossed Diamonds

Double Crossed Diamonds     Samplers

Double Knot

Double Knot   Isolated stitch, Samplers

Double Leviathan

Double Leviathan  Foliage, Borders, Clothes, Buildings

Double Variation

Double Variation   Clothes, Borders, Fields


Doublet   Samplers

Dragon Hide

Dragon hide   Samplers, Fields, Large areas, Backgrounds


Dutch    Mountains, Fields, Samplers

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