Darning Stitch & Variation


Uses:  Walls, Sidewalks, Curtains, Very flat areas on canas

Darning is a very flat stitch one can create on the canvas.  It is soft, shiny and smooth.  Keep Darning in mind for shading, sunsets or water. 


Take a look at the graph above.  Come out and weave in and out until you reach the end of the row.  Go back down and return at the hole you just finished.  Repeat until you have worked four rows in one canvas line.  Sometimes more than four repeats of a row may be required, depending upon the yarn thickness. 


In the graph, the solid lines show the upper stitches and the dotted ones are underneath the canvas.  Darning is one continuous line.

Darning Variation

Darning can be of any count and pattern you may wish to create on the canvas.  Try different ones for your project.


Below, you will see Darning worked in a random pattern.  To create this, stitches were worked without a true count.