Diagonal Cashmere Stitch

AKA:  Continuous Cashmere

          Condensed Cashmere

Getting Harder

Uses:  Bricks, Walkways, Buildings, Clothes

Diagonal Cashmere is a close cousin to Cashmere.  Looking at the two, you might think they are identical.  In fact, Diagonal Cashmere is missing a small stitch.  Anywhere Cashmere can be worked, Diagonal Cashmere is a fine alternate choice.


Look at the graph on the left.  This is the count for Cashmere.  Diagonal Cashmere is missing the last Continental.  Work this stitch as units traveling from the upper left hand of the canvas to the lower right.  Once you have reached the bottom of the row, work your way back up to the upper left.  The rows are worked in a zigzag fashion.