Double Crossed Diamonds Stitch

AKA:  Diamond Eyelet

Needs Thinking

Uses:  Samplers

Double Crossed Diamond can be used as an isolated stitch or as a grouping. 


Start Double Crossed Diamond with the blue large cross by stitching the A-B and C-D lines on the graph.  (First graph)  With another color or thread, create the a-b and c-d lines which hold the large cross secure on the canvas.  Now for the fun.  Work the green lines.  At the upper corner you will see number one.  Come up at one and down at d.  Up at 2 and down at d and up again at 3 going down at d are your second and third stitches.  comtinue moving around the diamond until you have reached number 12.  Remember, all your stitches will come up on the outter portion of the diamond and down in the center. 


The small, purple straight lines are Back stitches which fill in the voids on the canvas.  If you wish, you can omit these but you will have areas of canvas showing.