Divided Scotch Stitch

Getting Harder

Uses:  Anywhere you would like to place Scotch but would like more texture

Have a close look at the picture.  You will see that Divided Scotch is stitched with a Continental, 2 X 2 diagonal stitch, 3 X 3 stitch, then two groups of 2 X 2 diagonal with Continental and then a Mosaic in the corner.  This can sound confussing if you do not look at the upper graph.  But in close examination, you see the numbering system makes Divided Scotch very simple to work. 


The second graph shows how the stitch sits on the canvas.  Work each stitch completely before proceeding onto the next.  (The gray box shows one Divided Scotch.)


Give this stitch a try and you will fall in love with the texture and look.