Diamond Eye Stitch and Variation


Uses:  Isolated, Stars in sky, Flowers, Pin Wheels


As an isolated stitch, Diamond Eye can be used as flowers - either representing real flowers or a floral pattern on the canvas. 


To create Diamond Eye, start at the number one position on the graph.  You will make your first corner of the eye as 1-A, 1-B and 1-D.  Travel to number 2 and create 2-A, 2-C and 2-D.  Your next group will be at the 3 position and after working in the same mannor as the other three corners, you will work the last. 


If you are working Diamond Eye as a border, continue to work the number sequence but just move over for the next eye which will be starting at the number 2 on the previous Diamond Eye.

Diamond Eye Variation

To stitch, come up at number one and go back down in the center of the eye at A.   Work the numbers as you see on the graph.  All stitches will go back down at A.