Kindle Books by Susan

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Over 200 stitches are accompanied with a full color picture and clear diagram. The book also includes an explanation of canvas, threads, needles, scissors, frames and stands, threaders and laying tools. 

When working on needlepoint canvas, we will come across areas which the stitch will not cover the remaining section. Continuous lines, columns or patterns are needed. To accomplish this, you need compensated stitches.


This book will explain how to incorporate lovely stitches on your canvas. You will learn how to create partial straight, diagonal, oblique, cross and tied stitches. Along with these, eyelets, numbered and petit point are also explained. No book will be complete without teaching you how to craft challenging stitches.


"Compensation 101: The Art of Partial Stitches for Needlepoint" also features 20 stitches and templates for practice.

In this book, you will learn how to create the perfect Bullion Knot, French Knot and eyelets.  You will learn how to thread a needle without a threader. What to do when you make a hole in the canvas and need to repair it. (Instructions are for interlock and mono canvas.) How to start and end your threads with out making a mess on the back is also included.

This book explains how to stitch Basketweave, rules for lovely results and how to correct mistakes.


You will have instructions on how to create Basketweave with graphs and photos. For left handed people, we have two methods.


Information for working on mono, Penelope and interlock canvas are all mentioned. How to work stab and sewing method, pre-worked canvas and ripping are also explained in detail.



Have you always wanted to learn needlepoint but found it hard to understand the basics? This simple to read booklet will teach you what you need to know about needlepoint to get started. You will learn about canvas, threads and tapestry needles. Also, the booklet covers the grain of thread, how to start and end your yarn, what is a waste know and how to block needlepoint.

"Straight Stitches for Needlepoint" presents 50 decorative, straight stitches. Each stitch is accompanied with a full color picture of a worked sample and clear graph. The graph includes a numbering system, stitch direction and stitch placement. If needed, some of the stitches include further explanation.


Examples of the stitches are: Pi Array, Chessboard Filling, Gobelin Tremé, Satin Balloons and Upright Gobelin Diamonds Filling. None of the stitches have been included in previous books by the author.


Don't be fooled by the title.   Helpful hints are grouped into the following categories:  A well stocked sewing basket, sewing, sewing machines, embroidery, needlepoint, finishing, tools, organization and miscellaneous.


You will learn How to maintain a healthy machine, tools of the trade, fine points of finishing your project and organization skills.      


Under the section dedicated for needlepoint, a black/white cloth is explained and how to create your own.  What is a counting tool?  Do you need a DoLolly? Can you make your own

                                        BooBoo Stick?  All of these are covered plus much more.   

"Bring Your Canvas Alive With Today's Threads" is to help the needle artist in deciding what thread to use for trees, animals, flowers, clouds and other items which you may find on your canvas. Items such as Kreinik braids for jewels, bird feathers and bugs are mentioned.

This is a project booklet.  The butterfly is 3D and sitting on top of a cap.  The entire project is needlepoint.  You will create the butterfly body with beads, covered wire and hidden stiffener.


Everything you need to know is included in this booklet. 

"Knitting I-Cords:  12 Simple Project" is a collection of twelve knitting projects that are quick and simple to do. Projects include hats, bracelets, pin, purse and others. Each project requires everyday materials such as double pointed knitting needles, yarns and other supplies that you can purchased from large box stores.

This book is about two best friends, Suzi and her cat, Three Ply.

Three Ply loves yarn. Suzi does not want the yarn to become dirty so she locks it in the closet. When she is away, the cat will play. Find out what is happening when Suzi leaves the house.