400 + Hacks for Embroidery, Needlepoint & Sewing

It seems that for almost as long as humans have been producing textiles, we have looked for ways to embellish the work and how to make it easier. 


As life progressed I have had wonderful teachers, incredible books and years of experience, but there is always something new to learn.  Four hundred + Hacks for Embroidery, Needlepoint & Sewing is filled with lots of useful information that will aid you in creating more skilled and lovely projects.


Don't be fooled by the title.   Helpful hints are grouped into the following categories:  A well stocked sewing basket, sewing, sewing machines, embroidery, needlepoint, finishing, tools, organization and miscellaneous.


You will learn How to maintain a healthy machine, tools of the trade, fine points of finishing your project and organization skills.      


Under the section dedicated for needlepoint, a black/white cloth is explained and how to create your own.  What is a counting tool?  Do you need a DoLolly? Can you make your own BooBoo Stick?  All of these are covered plus much more.   


Please note:  This book does not contain the same material as in Tips & Techniques for Needlepoint




A Well Stocked Sewing Basket


Sewing Machines







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