The Perfect Basketweave Stitch for Needlepoint

Basketweave is one of the most versatile stitches needlepointers have in their stitch collection.  At first, this stitch appears to be complicated and confusing.  But, with a little understanding, you will find Basketweave as one of your favorite stitches.


"The Perfect Basketweave Stitch for Needlepoint" will give you all the information you need to accomplish lovely, even stitches. 


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Table of Contents



How to Stitch

For Left Handed People

Working on Mono Canvas

Working on Interlock Canvas

Basketweave Around Long Stitches

Pre-Worked Canvases

Other Uses for Basketweave

Stab Vs. Sewing Method

Ripping Out

Working With Kits

A Few More Things to Remember


Helpful Information

    Continental Stitch

    Half Cross Stitch

    Waste Knot

    Blocking Needlepoint

    Tapestry Wool Coverage

    Persian Wool Coverage

    Needle Vs. Canvas Chart

    Metric Conversions

    Yarns Worked in Basketweave



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