Finishing Needlepoint:  A How to Book

Finishing needlepoint is easy.  Once you understand the basics, you will have the skills to mount any project you desire.  "Finishing Needlepoint:  A How to Book" is an instructional guide showing how to finish stand-up with weighted base, mounted on a dowel, square stand-up, ornaments and much more. 


This book will give you step by step directions that are accompanied with pictures and illustrations along with a complete list of required tools for 12 different finished projects.


The projects are:

            Stand-Up figure with weighted base

            Mounted on a dowel

            Square Stand-up  (2 methods)

            Tea cozy or hollow center

            Puffed and flat ornament

            Jewelry brooch

            Pillow with piping

            Simple pillow

            Cell phone purse



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Table of Contents



Stand-Up Figure with Weighted Base

Mounted On a dowel

Square Stand-Up I

Square Stand-Up II

Tea Cozy or Hollow Center

Puffed Ornament

Flat Ornament

Jewelry:  Brooch

Pillow with Piping

Simple Pillow

Cell Phone Purse



Helpful Information


      Herringbone Stitch

      Whip Stitch

      Buck Shot Weight

      Laced Method for Mounting

      Make a  Cord

      How to Tips



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