Needlepoint Dictionary of Stitches  

"Needlepoint Dictionary of Stitches" has over 200 stitches.  You will find an explnation of canvas, threads, needles and tools required for the needle artist.  Throughout the book, links have been created to help the reader understand various subjects.  "Needles For the Canvas", "Mounting On Stretcher Bars" and "Blocking-Wet Method" are just some examples of the links. 


No matter where you stitch, you will find this dictionary handy.  If you have wifi; you have a complete needlepoint book.


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Table of Contents


Tools and Accessories




Other Tools


    Frames and Stands


    Laying Tool

The Stitches

    Straight Stitches

    Diagonal Stitches

    Box Stitches

    Cross Stitches

    Leaf Stitches

    Eye Stitches

    Tied Stitches

    Decorative & Isolated Stitches

Picture Index of Stitches

Index of Stitches

Example of a stitch you will find in the book.  Notice the graph is in multi-color.  This helps the stitcher in placing the stitch correctly on the canvas. 

Gate Variation