Cretan Stitch & Variation


Uses:  Foliage, Details

As an isolated stitch, Cretan can be useful for leaves, trees and other forms of foliage. 


Stitch Cretan by coming up at the top of the area and make a small straight stitch.  Come back up out of the canvas.  Make a loop and hold this with your finger.  Go back down under the canvas.  Come back up to the surface and catch the loop with the needle.  You are ready to make another loop.  Repeat this process as you travel down the area.  Each time you make a loop, you will either travel to the right or left, alternating as you go.


Some people like to think of stitching Cretan as "Hit your right shoulder, hit the belly button.  Hit your left shoulder, hit the belly button and repeat."


Your last stitch will be a small anchoring stitch to secure the last loop.