Chain Couching Stitch


Uses:  Outlines, Stems, Hair, Foliage, Animals, Borders, Clothes

Many different threads make terrific candidates for couching.  Metals, silks, rayons and "fancy" threads add creative and unique looks to otherwise everyday projects. 


To create, you will need two sets of threads and needles.  Start by anchoring the first thread, which is to be couched.  (dark black lines on graph) Bring it to the top.


Start a second thread the same as the first.  (pink chain)  Again bring this to the top and start stitching Chain over the first thread.  You will come up at 1 and back down at 2 but be sure to hold the loop as you are bringing the needle down under the canvas.  Catch the loop at 3 and go back down at 4.  Again, hold the loop as you are going back down.  Repeat this until you have reached the end of the row.  Attach the last loop with two anchors.


Remember to stitch over the first thread as you are working Chain.


Note:  Also see Couching