Cross Stitch and Variation

AKA:  Berlin

          Gros Point



Uses:   Good for all areas

To work Cross, bring your needle out at 1 and back down at 2.  (top of graph)  Repeat with 3 and 4.  You will continue to work in this mannor until you reach the end of the row. 


Look at the middle of the gragh.  You will see how to return.  Again, bring you needle out at 1 and back down at 2.  Repeat.


The next set of rows will be exactly as the first. 


When working crossed stitches, all upper cross hatches should travel in the same direction.  Also, the thread should lay flat and not twisted.  Multi-strand threads should be pulled apart and placed back together again.  (This is also known as stripping the thread.)

Small Cross

Cross 1 X 1 is used for details.  Lets say you would like to create a woman sitting on a chair.  To work the face, bust and arms might require finer stitches than the rest of the project.  Cross 1 X 1 is the prefect solution for this job. 


To stitch a small cross on mono and Penelope canvas, you will need to use a different count.  Look at the graph below.  The numbers have been changed.  Complete each cross before moving onto the next.  For interlock canvas, you can use the other method for stitching.