Scissor's Charm or Pin Cushion



The items you will need:

2 Pieces 6" X 6" colored mono canvas

3 Skeins #840 medium brown Marlitt rayon

1 Skein #1140 light brown Marlitt rayon

1 Skein #812 green Marlitt rayon

1 skein #070 green Kreinik fine #8 braid

1 Skein #028 gold Kreinik #8 braid

2 Pieces of 6" X 6" white lining fabric

Fiber fill or ground walnut shells

#24 Tapestry needle

Masking tape


Note:  Although the stitches on the canvas are straight, the seams lie on the true bias.

1.  Bind all four edges of both canvas pieces with masking tape.

2.  Find the exact middle of one canvas piece.

3.  Using Kreinik #028 for the French Knot, #070 for the straight lines and green Marlitte for the center stitches, stitch Kathy. (blue on graph)


4.  Using 6 strands Marlitt medium brown, follow the count for the hearts.  (right)

5.  Stitch the tip of leaf and cross stitches that lie above the hearts.  Use 6 strands dark brown for the leaf and green for the crosses.

6.  Make the Eyelet stitches in 6 strands, dark brown.

7.  Krienik #070 is used for the "stars" in each corner.

8.  Lay the canvas pieces right sides together.  Lay the fabric on each side of the two pieces of canvas.  The fabric's right side should touch the canvas.

9.  Stitch on the bias to make a 3" X 3" square.  Leave one side open for turning.

10.  Trim excess canvas, and turn the charm.

11.  Stuff with filling or walnut shells.  Turn the seam allowance in and stitch closed.

12.  Make a 16 strand cord using eight loops. 

13.  Attach the cord with slip stitches.  To make the tassel and loop, whip one strand Kreinik #070 around the cord.  (See illustration below)