Large Flower

String Flower is made with crochet floss, liquid starch and balloons.  You will be covering balloons and then pop them when dried.  Attach lots of string "bowls" together to form a flower which can hang on your wall.  Make lots of them and grow a garden wall. 


You may wish to read String Balloons before starting.






The items you will need are:


  Petroleum jelly

  6 or 7 Balloons

  Crochet floss



  Liquid starch

  Pop cycle stick



  Green Ribbon

1.  Blow up balloons the size you want your string flower to be.


2.  Rub petroleum jelly all over balloon with your finger.


3.  Pour some starch in a bowl.


4.  Place lots of crochet floss in the starch and push the string down using a stick. Do not stir. The string will get tangled and you will need to start all over again.


5.  Wrap half of the balloon with wet floss. You want the string to go in all directions. Be sure to cover the balloon but leave lots of holes.


6.  If you want to add glitter, sprinkle on wet balloon.


7.  Repeat steps 2-6 four more times. You will want 5 petals in all.


8.  Repeat steps 2-6 once more in another color for the center of the flower.


9.  Let dry.

10.  After it is completely dry, pop the balloon and CAREFULLY remove from string.


11.  Trim the edges of the petals and center so that the edge of the string is straight.


13.  CAREFULLY glue the petals to the center.  You may wish to attach the petals with wire.


14.  Attach green ribbon for a stem.


15.  Attach string to the flower and hang on your wall.