String Balloons

Balloons are wrapped with crochet floss which has been passed through liquid starch.  When the starch is dry, magic happens.  You remove the balloon and hollow balls are created.  This project is good for children 3 and up.  You may wish to supervise younger children.  This craft can be messy!




The items you will need are:

  Petroleum jelly


  Crochet floss



  Liquid starch

  Pop cycle stick




1.  Blow up balloon the size you want your string balloon to be.


2.  Tub petroleum jelly all over the balloon with your fingers.  (I used Bag Balm.)


 3.  Pour some starch in a bow.

4.  Place lots of crochet floss in the starch and puch the string down using a stick.  Do not stir!.  The string will get tangled and you will need to start over again.

5.  Wrap the balloon with wet floss.  You will want the string to go in all directions.  Be sure to cover the balloon but leave lots of holes. 

6.   If you want to add glitter, sprinkle on wet balloon.

7.  After it is completely dry, pop the balloon and CAREFULLY remove from string.


8.  Tie a ribbon at the bottom.


9.  Use a piece of string and thumbtack to hang on wall or ceiling.  You and set the ball on a shelf or table top.  This makes an interesting center piece.