Braided Octopus Yarn Doll

Octopus is great for young and up.  Please remember, young children can choke on google eyes and other small parts.


You will need:


  Knitting yarn


  Cardboard 18” long

  Styrofoam ball

  Google eyes


1.  Wrap yarn around cardboard 96 times.  Cut yarn from ball.

2.  At one end, place a long piece of yarn under bundle and tie tightly.  Remove from cardboard.

3.  Cut the other end with a pair of scissors.

4.  Place tied end of yarn on top of styrofoam ball. You may wish to use a small yarn ball.  (The picture shows a brown yarn ball for illustration.  Use the same color as the octopus.)

5.  Straighten the yarn on the ball and tie yarn under the underside of the ball.

6.  Divide the yarn in 8 groups.  Each group will have 24 yarns.

7.  Braid each group and tie ends to secure. 

8.  Glue on eyes.  make bows on all ties.