Mending a Hole in the Canvas

Ocassionally, to "erase" a mistake, threads need to be ripped out.  Let us say, in haste, a canvas thread has been cut.  Now, what are you to do?  First, do not panic.  You are in the company of many experts, who have also cut the wrong thing at one time or another.

Mending Mono Canvas



If you are using mono canvas, fill the void area with stitches all around the cut thread, leaving half an inch of open space. 

Release the cut thread from the foundation and poke it toward the back of the canvas.  Weave the ends in and out of your stitches. 

With two canvas threads from the edge of the canvas, weave new threads in the needlepoint stitches and in the void in the canvas, making the canvas appear identical to its appearance before you snipped the hole.

Finish the void area by filling it with stitches.  If this is done with care and correct tension, no one will be wise to your mistake.

Mending Interlock Canvas

For interlock, the method is much simpler.  Remove the thread from an area about half an inch around the hole.

Lay a square of canvas on the back to cover the cut threads. 

With a second layer in place, stitch the area again, now working through both layers of canvas.  This procedure can save the project from destruction.


To prevent holes in the canvas, take time when snipping threads.