1 Sheet plastic canvas

5 Colors of worsted weight yarn

Tapestry needle #16

Paper scissors



Please note:  One sheet will make 6 coasters.

Pattern for Coasters

1.  Start the mofif of each coaster at a corner.  Be sure to leave one bar of plastic canvas unworked on the upper and left hand of the canvas.


2.  Follow the pattern using your desired color combination.


3.  When finished, cut the canvas leaving one canvas bar unworked on all for sides.


Whip Stitch

4.  Whip stitch on all for sides of the coasters.


To make Whip stitch, bring your needle to the top side of the canvas at number 1.  Go back to the underside of the canvas and come back up at number 2.  The yarn will make a spiral on the edge of the canvas.