New Designs in Raised Embroidery

Barbara and Roy Herst

When I first looked at this book, I was amazed to see such details in recreating people and animals in stumpwork. Barbara and Roy, a husband and wife team, explains how to stitch pictorial scenes such as 17th century castle, golf tournament, four string quartet and a family portrait.  Barbara and Roy teach how to form heads and hair styles, clothes and shoes along with hands and feet.

I purchased this book just for the instructions on making real looking hands with wire and embroidery thread. But, I must say, the learning experience hasn’t stopped there. You will see step by step directions on reproducing clothes with the Corded Buttonhole, Buttonhole and Treble Brussels technique.  

If you enjoy embroidery and wish to try 3D or stumpwork, you must investigate “Raised Embroidery: A Practical Guide To Decorative Stumpwork by Barbara and Roy Hirst.