Raised Embroidery: A Practical guide to Decorative Stumpwork

Barbara and Roy Herst

Barbara and Roy have done it again! This collection of stumpwork projects include pictures such as a sheep herder and his flock, men working in the field and stumpwork miniatures.  Their stumpwork technique blends needle and thread with paint and fabric. Machine stitching enhances the background for an effective motif.  

As the process is explained, The Hirst teaches how each animal is created with very fine pictures and explanation.

Most of the projects in the book are modern pictorial scenes. A contemporary purse, pillow and sculptured bird are also included. If you enjoy musical instruments, you will love chapter five’s project, “Baroque Reflections: A Mirror Frame.” Here, you will recreate drums, trumpets, violins, flutes, music, singers and a conductor. Again, step by step instructions are included in recreating the musical instruments by using leather, wood, thread and fabric. I was able to stitch a picture of rock stars playing guitars, drums and tambourines by using their techniques.

If you enjoy stumpwork and animals, this is a must have book.