Stumpwork Medieval Flora

Jane Nicholas

In first looking at this book, I was amazed at the lovely photographs of flowers vs. stumpwork. Jane’s creative needle depicts each flower in its natural state. You would think the stumpwork came from a botanical book.  Jane’s projects will amaze you with her use of wire, beads, silks and leathers.


Look at the contents. You will see the usual introduction but then the fun begins. Part 1 is a series of five projects which include flowers, dragonflies, ladybugs, butterflies, caterpillars, bees and grasshoppers. Each project is explained step by step with clear illustrations. All the drawings are actual size which is a plus!

Part 2 has three projects which she titles “Illuminated Panels.” Again, the projects will include flowers and insects but each panel is encased in a ribbon frame which is cleverly embellished with gold twist and beads.


Part 3 consist of “Techniques, Equipment and Stitch Glossary. This is a must for any book of this kind. Jane explains how to mount your foundation fabric, what fabrics to use and how to fuse them together. Use of wire such as sizes, coloring and attaching is clearly explained. What would a book like this be without a good explanation of leather, padding and shaping? Again, clear information is given. Lastly, a stitch guide is provided with a good generalization of each stitch used in her projects.


All in all, I would fully recommend Jane’s “Stumpwork Medieval Flora” for those with a beginning understanding of stumpwork. You may think the book may be too complex for the novice. Follow her directions and you can also create lovely stumpwork.