How to Make A Tassel

Tassels can make a wonderful addition to a pillow or banner.  A tassel can add a casual or formal effect.  You might choose silver or gold-toned metallic threads to create a formal look, while cotton or wool would make a more casual statement.  Try combining two or more colors from the project in the tassel. 


Adding a tassel presents you with almost limitless options.  Any thread or yarn can be adapted to the purpose, including cotton, wool, acrylic, metals and novelty threads.  Pearl cotton or embroidery floss could tie the tassle very nicely.  Be creative with colors.  Prehaps make the tassel in one shade, and tie it in another.  Also, you may want to make webbing around the ball of the tassel. 


The size of the tassel changes the measure varances.  For example, a four-inch tassel should have a ball with a one inch diameter.  A six-inch tassel may have a two-inch ball.  A thinner tassel would have smaller ball, while a thicker one would need a larger ball.  Length and thickness of the thread should be in proper proportion to one another.

Make a Tassel

To make a tassel, you will need the following materials and tools:

  Thread or yarn





1.  Cut a length of cardboard a little longer than the desired length of your tassel.

2.  Wrap the thread over the cardboard several times.

3.  With a threaded needle, slip a second thread under the wraps and tie tightly.  You may wish to make several knots to secure thread.

4.  Cut the opposite end of the wraps and remove the cardboard.

5.  About on inch from the tied end, wrap another thread around the tasel several times.

6.  Cut the thread and thread it into your needle.

7.  Insert the needle into the tassel so that the end runs under the wrapped thread and down the tassel.

8.  Trim the ends of the tassel so that they are square.

9.  If you used embroidery floss or other multiple-strand thread, separate the strands that hang below the ball of the tassel.