Herringbone Stitch

Needs Thinking

Uses:  Animals (one color), Clothes, Foliage, Birds, Buildings (siding and boards),    Backgrounds

To work Herringbone, come up in the corner and travel down over 2 intersections on the canvas.  You will go back down under the canvas and come back up next to the previous stitch.  Now, travel up 2 intersections and pass your needle under the canvas.  Repeat this process untill you have reach the end of the row.  (Follow the pink row.)


For the second row, you may need to use a second needle or your finger nail to come back up to the top side of the canvas.  Continue doing this until you have reached the bottom of the area in which you want to fill in.  (Yellow rows)


Please note:  You will make the first row on the top of the canvas and work your way down.  Never start in the middle or lower portion of your area.


This stitch count is accepted for Master Craftsman for Canvas Embroidery by The Embroiderers' Guild of America.

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