More Silk Threads

Silk Mori: This beautiful thread is a 6 strand, 2-ply floss that is slightly finer than embroidery floss. Of the Kreinik threads, this silk has the least amount of shine.   Many of the colors are Colonial or early 19th century milk paint tones. This thread is also by Kreinik and the colors match Silk Bella and Silk Serica. Because you will need to use many strands in the needle for larger canvases, it would be best to use Silk Mori in details or for petit point.

     Uses: Petit point, details, small areas, eyes

Silk ‘N Colors: This multi-task thread can be separated into 3 groups of 4 strands. You will then separate this group to group the desired amount you desire for your stitching. The colors are rich and shiny without a large amount of luster. The Thread Gatherer has created 333 different color combinations for your needle.  Be sure to use a shorter thread so that the luster will not be damaged when stitching.

     Uses: All-purpose thread

Silk Serica: Of the Kreinik threads, Silk Serica has the most sheen. This thread is a 3-ply, filament silk which can be used as a pearl thread. If you wish, you can also separate the thread for a very high shine. When creating long stitches, try separating the plies and watch Silk Serica show of its beauty.

     Uses: Areas where you would like lots of shine, details, eyes

Silken Chenille: When you look at this thread, think of fuzzy things but don’t just stop there. Clouds, elephants and flowers would look interesting with The Thread Gatherer’s Silken Chenille. The thread can fall apart when stitched so please use a very short length in the needle or couch onto the surface of the canvas. Thread Gatherer suggest creating spider web roses and tassels.  This line comes in 39 colors with 20 yards in each skein.

     Uses: Clouds, sheep, flowers, foliage, animals, toys (bears, ducks, etc.), clothes, mountains, birds, borders and hair

Silken Pearl: Here is another thread by The Thread Gatherer. Silken Pearl comes in sizes 30/3 and 15/3 which are in 20 yard skeins in 52 colors. The 30/3 pearl is between size 8 and 12 pearl cotton. Size 15/3 is between size 5 and 8 cotton pearl.   Both threads have a lovely sheen and twist. When stitching, you will want to keep the twist tight. Try using this thread for isolated stitches such as Bullion, Isolated Chain and French Knots.

     Uses: Foliage, backgrounds, samplers, animals, hair, clothes and rocks

Sof-Silk: This silk thread is suitable on 18/1 canvas and may be used with Basketweave or decorative stitches. The Ty-Di Threads Company offers this thread in 43 different colors. Do not separate the thread. Please use it as is.

     Uses: All-purpose

Soie Cristal: Caron manufactures this 12 strand solid spun silk thread. The shin is a high luster. You will use it like Waterlilies.

     Uses:  Clothes, rocks, wet things, foliage, birds, eyes, borders, ducks and water

Splendor: Splendor is a 12 Strand silk floss manufactured by Rainbow Gallery. The strands are bundled together in groups of 4. You will need to separate the group and separate each strand until you divided the strands. You can then regroup the thread to the required amount you will need for your canvas. Like many other stranded thread, use a laying tool for Splendor. The little extra work is well worth the time and effort. Splendor will stitch like cotton embroidery floss. You may think of this thread as a good beginner thread for those who have not tried silks before. Splendor is dyed to match Grandeur, Elegance and Subtlety.

     Uses: All-purpose thread

Subtlety: Silk Pearl #12 pearl by Rainbow Gallery which is best if used for details or smaller areas. This thread is dyed to match Splendor, Grandeur and Elegance. You may want to try blending and matching for fun effects on the canvas. This thread is very strong but you may wish to use shorter lengths to prevent the luster from becoming dull.

     Uses: Eyes, small and shiny areas

Trio:  A 3 strand thread which can be divided. This thread is manufactured by Brown Paper Packages. You will use 1 strand for 18/1 and 20/1 canvas, 2 strands for 12/1 and 13/1 canvas and 3 strands for 10/1 canvas. Because this is true, working on Penelope canvas is possible. You can create a combination of demi and petit point on the canvas.

     Uses: All-purpose silk

Vineyard Silk Shimmer: This thread is a combination of a 2-ply thread plus a metallic thread. Shimmer, like the other. Use the thread as it comes off the bundle. Do not try to separate the strand. Shimmer comes in 46 colors.

     Uses: Water, clothes, sand, foliage (limit use), areas where sparkle is desired

Vineyard Silk Tone On Tone: This soft exquisite thread is a silk pearl. The twist is tight but loose enough to give a soft appearance on the canvas. It comes in a single strand which makes it easier to work with. If you are new to silks, you may want to try using this in your next project.   Because the thread is a tone on tone, items such as sand, foliage, clothes, mountains and fields are created instantly. I would not recommend using this thread for skin tones. The person will have a sick appearance.

     Uses: Sand, foliage, clothes, mountains, fields, flowers, borders and samplers

Waterlilies:  Another 12 strand silk thread by Caron. This is hand-dyed variegated thread with a subtle sheen. The light reflections are of good quality. You may wish to separate the strands and regroup or use as is. Many of the colors match Watercolours and Wildflowers. You may see a slight color variance when selecting the three.

     Uses: Mountains, clothes, rocks, water, clouds, foliage, tree trunks, wet things and much more