Unique or Non-traditional Threads Continued

Gold Rush: Gold Rush is available in XS, 12, 14 and 18; the number indicates what size canvas to use with it. Gold Rush, by Rainbow Gallery, is a chainette which is easy to work with. The shine is bright and can be used in many types of projects. If you like to use a filament, try using this thread and see if it isn’t easier to stitch. See chainettes above for information on using this thread.

     Uses: Anywhere you would like sparkle

Hi-Lights: A thin thread that can be blended with another thread or over stitched to create emphasizes on the canvas. Because it fine, you can work on smaller to larger size canvases. If you want to use more than one strand of Hi-Lights in the needle, do not double in the needle. You will want the chainette running in the same direction for all strands.   Hi-Lights is slippery. Be sure to secure the ends tightly. This thread is by Rainbow Gallery.

     Uses:   Over stitching, as is or combined with other threads

Mandarin Floss: This floss is manufactured by the Rainbow Gallery Company. Mandarin is a 6 strand floss which is made of bamboo fiber. The appearance is soft, silk like shine with semi-mat finish. You can use Mandarin just like any other embroidery floss. It is best to pull apart and place back together again before threading up.

     Uses: All-purpose

Neon Rays: This sparkling ribbon is great for projects where you want glitz. The ribbon has a kink which can be removed with a damp sponge. It is best with longer, decorative or embroidery stitches. Use a laying tool and don’t pull too tightly when working. This will thin your thread. Also, the thread is slippery so be sure to secure the tails. Neon Rays is manufactured by Rainbow Gallery.

     Uses: All areas where you would like sparkle

Nordic Gold: Nordic gold is a chainette thread which fits 18/1 canvas very nicely. The shine is intense and will bring lots of sparkle to your project.   Nordic gold, by Rainbow Gallery, is stronger than regular Blending Filament and easier to use.   

     Uses: Blending, pairing up with other threads and over stitching

 Patent Leather: When you create a picture of a person, many times you have shoes on the person. If you are thinking of a pair of shiny pumps, why not try Patent Leather by Rainbow Gallery. This thread is actually a ribbon of artificial leather. Not only for shoes, but think of this thread for rain coats, slippery rocks or accents. You must lay this thread with the shiny side up. Also, it is best to work with the back lying flat.   Work with short lengths of thread and use a larger needle than what is required for the canvas. Use long stitches with Patent Leather.

     Uses: Rain coats, shoes and wet rocks

Precious Metals: Precious Metals is a sturdy thread which resembles garland. Rainbow Gallery offers many color combinations. Don’t think of this thread only for holiday items. Evening clothes, jewels and sea waves can also be stitched with the interesting thread. The weight may be too heavy for some canvases. Try couching Precious Metals down. The ends do not need to be passed to the underside of the canvas. A few couching loops will be hidden on the ends if you fluff the pile as you secure.

     Uses: Clothes, jewels, ornaments, sea waves, bugs, butterflies and outlining objects

Rachel: This thread is identical to Flair by Rainbow Gallery. This is a tubular ribbon, or knitted tube, which has a transparent effect. If you are working on a painted or colored canvas, the hew shows through the thread. For an interesting effect, start a length of floss on your canvas. Now, run the floss through the middle of Rachel and scrunch the tube together to make a bundle. Return the floss back under the canvas and tie off. Hair, animals, “flowers”, rocks and other 3D items can be made with this technique. Be creative and run a thread through the tube and see what you can come up with. Long stitches are best when working with Rachel.   The ribbon/tube will unravel. Use clear fingernail polish or Fray Check on the ends to prevent unraveling. Use a laying tool with working with this thread. This thread is by Caron.  

     Uses: Wild hair, animals, birds, fish, flowers, clothes, foliage and wet things

Rachelette: Rachelette, by the Caron Company is a finer weight than Rachel. Please see above.

Razzle-Dazzle 6: Razzle-Dazzle 6 is just what the name implies. Lots of fun glitter and unique texture is given with this thread. Some people may think Razzle-Dazzle is a hard thread to master. The kink will not pass smoothly through the canvas. If the thread splits, the kink will stay on top leaving the rest of the thread under the canvas.   Use a needle with a large eye. This will help the thread pass through the canvas grid. Stitch with up and down movements like a sewing machine. When stitching, move slower than normal.   You may wish to couch this thread with another thread. This thread is by Rainbow Gallery.  

     Uses: Clothes, sparkly items and ornaments

Ribbon Rays: Ribbon Rays is a very high shinny ribbon by Rainbow Gallery.   Ribbon Rays is a chainette which will unravel when stitched. Use Fray Check to omit this problem. Long or short stitches can work. Be sure to try Ribbon Rays in decorative stitches.

     Use: Ornaments, clothes, jewels and bugs

Santa’s Beard & Suit: This thread can be used for beards, clothes, animals, clouds and fuzzy things. Rainbow Gallery is discontinuing this thread.  You may find it in yarn shops. If you would like to use it, substitute Faux Fur also by Rainbow Gallery. (See Faux Fur)

     Uses: Fur, beards, clothes, animals, clouds and snow

Snow: Snow is manufactured by the Caron Company. The thread has a shiny sparkle which resembles sun reflecting on freshly fallen snow.

     Uses: Snow, snowmen, clothes, samplers and decorative stitches

Sparkle! Braid: This is a very fine thread by Rainbow Gallery. The weight equals 2 strands of blending filament. This braid is strong and will work up evenly on the canvas. Combine with other threads or use as-is. Sparkle! Braid would make interesting additions to decorative stitches.

     Uses: Combine with other threads, over stitch or hi-lights

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