Unique & Non-traditional Threads Conclusion

Sparkle Rays: Sparkle Rays is actually a neon ribbon what glows in the dark. This can give a spooky or silly effect depending upon where you place it on the canvas. The speckles of metallic fibers give it that unique feel. Sparkle Rays will unravel which means; use Fray check on the ends. Also, use a laying tool.   Sparkle Rays, by Rainbow Gallery, also come in Petit.

     Uses: Long stitches, glow in the dark effects, over stitching

Super-Suede: This swede-like thread is perfect for suede leather items on your canvas. Think of leather. Using Super-Suede in Continental or decorative stitches works well. Super-Suede is stronger than Ultra-Suede and will not break as easily.   Stitch slowly and use a laying tool is best.   This thread is by Rainbow Gallery.

     Uses: Suede leather shoes, coats, Indian clothing, animals, rocks, tree trunks and samplers

Treasure Chest: This variegated braid comes in many color combinations to fit your needs. When you look at the braid, you think of an overdyed thread. Use Treasure Chest’s color change to your benefit. Use in clothes when working with a decorative stitch. Add this thread with embroidery floss or overdyed threads. The thread is a fine weight. If the thread will not cover the canvas, pair it up with another thread in the needle.   Treasure chest is created by Rainbow Gallery.    

     Uses: Clothes, metals, jewels and bugs

Treasure Ribbon: This thread, by Rainbow Gallery, is manufactured in two weights, Treasure Ribbon and Treasure Ribbon Petite. It is available in 3 golds, silver and an array of colors.  Decorative stitches will benefit with this thread. Try using embroidery stitches with the petite size.  Long stitches will show the sparkle compared to Continental or Half Cross.

     Uses: Decorative stitches, ornaments, samplers and clothes

Ultra-Suede: Ultra-Suede is a leather like thread which resembles suede leather. Rainbow Gallery recommends short lengths and be careful when stitching. A larger needle than normal and always use a laying tool are useful hints. Stitch with up and down stabbing stitches. Also, keep the thread at room temperature and away from moisture. A note of warning: the colors are “fashion” colors which means, the availability of color range area only for a limited time. Purchase the required amount you will need for the project and add extra for errors.  

     Uses: Leather items, Indian clothing, shoes, purses, tree trunks, rocks and samplers

Velour: This is a fuzzy thread which resembles a fuzzy caterpillar. Don’t just think of caterpillars and fuzzy kittens. I had a student once that stitched an elephant with velour.   The end results were stunning!  As you stitch with velour threads, it is very important to use a large eyed needle. The thread will fray, thread your needle and keep a short tail.   Stitch with stabbing up and down movements.  

     Uses: Animals, flowers, clothes, samplers, borders and decorative stitches

Very Velvet: This thread by Rainbow Gallery is a velour thread. It is also available in Petite.   Please see above for information.

Water N’ Ice: This loosely braided ribbon has the appearance of rain coats, patent leather and plastic. The thread may show the color of the canvas. Sewing is easy to do and adapts very well with many stitches.   Water N’ Ice is by Rainbow Gallery.

     Uses: Water, ice, mirrors, frost, rain coats, sunsets, clothes and shoes

Winter: Winter, by Rainbow Gallery, is a chainette which has an iridescent sparkle. Think of Winter for other projects other than cold scenes.  

     Uses: Clothes, ornaments, snow, stars and samplers

Zoo Eyes: This thread has an eerie, glow-in-the-dark feature.   Try using for ghost bats, eyes or “off the wall” projects in which you would like to shock someone when the lights are out. Zoo Eyes comes in Eerie Ecru and Watchful White.

     Uses: Eyes, glow-in-the-dark, over stitching and ornaments

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