Metal Threads


Plate is a long flat metal strip which is used in metal thread embroidery. To use, the plate is either couched flat, bent in zigzag patterns or by crimping. To start and end the plate, you will need to fold the end back about 1/16”. Be sure the fold is completely hidden under the top portion of the plate. Use silk thread and secure the tip to the canvas by catching the fold. You will come up out of the canvas and catch the bent plate. Return the silk thread to the underside of the canvas.

Here is a close up of how to secure the plate.  The metal is folded back and secured with silk thread.  Again, it is best if the fold is straight.

To crimp or kink the plate, you will need a bolt 5/16 X 20. Be sure the bolt is clean and free from grease and dirt. Place the plate on top of the bolt and push the plate into a bolt groove with your thumb nail. With your other thumb, push the plate into the next groove. Move your first thumb nail into the second groove and push the plate into the next groove moving up the bolt. You will repeat this process until you have reached the length required for your stitching. To place on the canvas, couch the crimped plate onto the canvas with silk thread. To start and end the plate, you will fold back the plate and attach. (See above)

Here you see what the crimped plate should look like.  Notice the even ridges on the plate.


Braid is usually worked by attaching with silk thread using invisible stitches to catch the braid. You will want to catch the edges and middle as needed.  To start and stop the braid, you will plunge the ends and secure. (See How to plunge)

Pearl Purl

Pearl Purl is a stiff coiled wire which resembles a string of pearls.  To work pearl purl, you will give the wire a very slight stretch. You will then couch down, with silk thread, every 3 or 4 coil intervals.  To make the couching invisible, be sure to lie the couching in between the coils.