Blocking Needlepoint Using Steam Method

This method is the saftest way to square your canvas.  It can be used with silk, overdyed or other threads which may run.

Canvas should be straight


To block, the first step for your canvas is mounting on stretcher bars.  The canvas should be as straight as possible. 

Put a kettle of water on the stove and let it boil. 


Hold the needlepoint/stretcher bars 8" over the steam.  With the wrong side over the steam, move the canvas around very slowly.  The steam should travel through the stitches and "press" the canvas into shape.

Wait one hour before removing from bars

Continue to steam the entire project. 


Lay the stretcher bars flat on a table and let dry.  The project should be completely dry in about 1 hour.

You should remember the following when steam blocking:


1.  Use distilled or bottle water if you live in a hard water community.


2.  Do NOT use a steam iron.  These can spray droplets of water which can stain your fibers.


3.  Test all questionable fibers for colorfastness.


4.  Never over steam!