How to Upholster a Chair Seat

To upholster, you will need the following tools and materials:

  Measuring tape                        

  Staple gun





  Screw driver



Measure the chair seat before stitching the needlepoint.  Add 1 inch for turning under the seat.  Allow 2" of bare canvas on all sides of the stitched motif.




Stitch the needlepoint to the size of the chair's upholstery plus one extra inch of area.

Block the needlepoint.


Remove the seat from the chair.  If the upholstery fabric is bulky, remove it.  If not, you can leave it.


Find the middle of each side of the needlepoint and the seat.  Mark lines at these points.


Staple all four sides of the needlepoint to the middle of each side on the seat, using the marks from the previous step.


Insert staples on either side of each of the staples you have just placed.

Be careful not to make ridges in the cushion.  Take your time.  If you must, remove the project and staple again to correct any errors.


Hammer the staples down into the seat board.


Cut away the bulk at the four corners.  Do not be afraid to cut.  The needlepoint is securely attached to the chair seat.



After you have made the two cuts, remove the excess needlepoint canvas.  This eliminates the bulk.


Secure one entire side of the corner, and then finish with the other side.

Use as many staples as required.  Again, if the finished product is not neat, remove the staples and redo.

Here, you see the last staple going in the finished corner.