How to Make a Blocking Board

Blocking needlepoint is easy once you learn a couple of tricks.  But before you block, you will need a blocking board.  I "built" my board 30 years ago and with a little care, it continues to straighten my canvases very nicely.


You will need the following items:


24" X 48" Medium-density fiberboard


2 Yards heavyweight white muslin cloth


White carpet thread


Large needle


Permanent black felt marker


Yard stick


Straight pins



The fiberboard in which you will need to purchase is called medium-density fiberboard.  You will find this at any do-it-yourself store in the lumber department.  Fiberboard will come in a sheet 48" X 96". 

Ask the clerk to "cut and rip" the board into 4 pieces of 24" X 48".  This size will fit a project that is 20" wide.  If your canvases tend to be larger, you may want to have it cut in half and not in quarters.

Spread the muslin fabric onto a table.  Now lay the board on the fabric.  


Fold the fabric over on two opposite sides to enclose the board.  You may want to secure the fabric with pins. 


Repeat on the two other sides. 

Stitch the envelope around the board by making large zigzag stitches on two opposite sides.  Sew the fabric as taut as you possibly can.  (You want the fabric to be drum tight.)  


Repeat on the remaining sides.  Whip stitch the loose fabric on all four corners. 


On the right side of the board, use a permanent felt marker and draw a long line across your fabric.


Draw another line at a 90 degree angle down the length of your board.  This will be helpful when blocking your needlework. 


The board is now ready to use. When not in use, store your board in an area where it cannot become dirty.